Thinking Bigger in Fundraising in 2015 (Non-Profit Blog Carnival)

by Joe Garecht

Think Big in 2015 Fundraiser!

I’m a big fan of thinking big.  Really, really big.

Far too many non-profits play “small ball,” always thinking about how to incrementally move the ball forward, without looking for a way to really turn that dial.  Yet, as non-profits, we are doing life-changing, world-shaking work (or at  least we should be, even if it is only our own small corner of the world).  Because our work matters so much, we absolutely must be thinking big – particularly when it comes to fundraising

Fundraising is the lifeblood of your non-profit’s mission, vision and programs.  The more money you raise, the more good you can do in the world.  Thinking big about fundraising means you are able to think big about your mission and the people you serve.

As the host of this month’s Non-Profit Blog Carnival, I challenged fundraising authors, bloggers and experts to give us their best advice on how we can be thinking bigger about our fundraising in 2015.  Here’s what they said:

Kathie Kramer Ryan, from Arroyo Fundraising, challenges us to Escape Your Comfort Zone and Raise More Money in 2015!

Charlie Hulme, writing on the Bloomerang Blog, tells us why Charities that Focus on Retention will Change the World in the coming year.

Pamela Grow from wants you to Grow Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in 2015.

Tony Martignetti from Non-Profit Radio interviews four experts to show us how to Create a Board That Brings in the Bucks this year.

The indomitable Sandy Rees from Get Fully Funded wonders Are There Too Many Non-Profits Competing for Donations?  (Don’t worry – the answer will require you to think big about your fundraising)

Erica Waasdorp from A Direct Solution wants you to think big about something you may be trying to forget about… telemarketing!

Joe Waters from Selfish Giving brings us 3 Cause Marketing Predictions for 2015.

The one and only Claire Axelrad from Clairification writes Whither the Non-Profit Sector in 2015?  6 Ways to Assure Yours Doesn’t Wither.  (Bonus points to Claire for the correct usage of Whither and Wither in the same title!)

From the business world (but very, very applicable to thinking big in fundraising), Dorie Clark from Forbes tells us How to Think Big, in Work and Life… and entrepreneur Gabriel Weinberg tells us to Learn How to Think Big.

And from yours truly — here’s how to start Thinking Big in Fundraising.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s Non-Profit Blog Carnival.  Have any other ideas about how your fellow fundraisers can think big in 2015?  Leave them in the comments below!  And be sure to get your submissions in for the January 2015 Blog Carnival, hosted by Beth Kanter.  Beth is asking for your best personal productivity tips.  Check it out here.


Photo Credit:  Peter Thoeny


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Steven Shattuck January 5, 2015 at 8:35 am

Thanks for including us!

tony martignetti January 5, 2015 at 1:08 pm

Thanks for including Nonprofit Radio, Joe! Glad to contribute to the community!

Sandy Rees January 6, 2015 at 10:42 am

I love this topic Joe! I think if more nonprofit leaders and fundraisers would think BIGGER, they’d raise more money than they ever thought.

Thanks for including me in the roundup!


Kathie Kramer Ryan January 6, 2015 at 11:06 am

Great round-up, Joe! Honored to be included.

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